Auxiliaries & Consumables

Rectifier Duty Transformers

Specially designed  rectifier  duty  transformers (star / delta,single  /double secondary} for induction furnace applications available with O.L.T.C. (on line tap changer) facility.

Protection &Switching Devices

M.O.C.B.,O.C.B.,V.C.B.can be made available as per the requirement  and specifications  of the  local electricity service provider.These devices are also available with .Ts,P.Ts,I.D.M.T.Relays,etc.


Suitably designed induced I forced draft cooling towers for operation under various atmospheric conditions can be made available.These cooling towers are available in Bottle I Square shapes in F.R.P. construction along with superior quality fittings.


Motor- Pump sets can be provided for circulation of D.M./ Raw water in induction  furnace coils, heat exchangers, etc.Specially designed pumps for non-standard layouts and waterflow and pressure available onrequest.

WaterTreatment Plants

Water is the Lifeblood of induction furnaces.Due to the different  sources of water at  different  sites, it is extremely important to select a proper water treatment plant.This will eliminate the occurrence of many minor as well as major problems  associated with  induction furnace operations.We can offer suitably designed plants Like R.O.,softening and D.M. depending  on the  exact water characteristics at the site.

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