Refractories Products

We are exporter of high quality refractory products manufactured by leading manufacturers like TATA, ACECALDERYS ,NOBLE CERAMIC, JASDAN CERAMICS. We supply the following products.


• ConventionalDense Castables (WHYTHEAT­ A,K,C&FIRECRETE SUPER)

• Low and Ultra Low Cement Castables


• Self Flow Castables (FLOWMON series)

• No Cement Castables (SUPRAMON)

• SpecialCastables LIKE ACCMON16SC(Gel), TABCAST series

• Silica Castables (ACCSIL series)

• Insulating Castables (INSULYTE -7 -11ETC)

• SpecialCastables for Multiple applications (ACCMONCRC and ACCMONCAR series)

•Pre-cast Shapes

Gunning Products

•Conventional Aluminous Gunning (ACCGUNseries)

•Low Cement Aluminous Gunning (ACCMONGUN series)



Tundish Coating Materials

• Spray Mass (VS 50 series)

• Dry Vibratable Mass ( TMG series)






Refractory Shapes






High Alumina Binders



Plastics (ACCPLAST series)

• High Alumina

• Silicon Carbide

• Alumina Chrome

• Fused Silica

Blast Furnace Injection Products

Acc Inject

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